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Our community

Our Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association is a very important part of Surat State School.  We support the school, its staff and students in several ways and undertake many activities that raise funds, which are then used to purchase equipment or services for the school.  What the money gets used for is always discussed by all interested parties and voted upon during a meeting.  This way we are assured of doing what is considered best by the majority.  Financial assistance is vital for the school and means that our students are able to receive their education in the best possible environment with the best possible resources that we can provide. 

Some of the events we participate in, however, may be more related to the P & C participating in an event as part of the Surat community, rather than just a ‘fundraising exercise’.  We believe it is important for our school to play a prominent part in our community as it is an essential service which all members of our community rely upon in one way or another. 

Another form of support we provide to the school relates to taking an active interest in the policies and programs used by the school in the education of our children.  We are invited to, and participate in discussions and decision making around development of school policies, such as behaviour management and school uniforms.  We are also able to discuss programs implemented by the school and used in the day to day classroom teaching, such as Mathletics, thrass etc.  We believe that to be well informed about what is going on in our classrooms means that we are better positioned to understand our children and how they are progressing through school.  This, in turn, enables us to be active in supporting our children as best we can. 

Lastly, the P & C provides a point of contact for all parents and community members.  Our meetings are open to anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend. We strive to provide as much information about the school, its programs and events to all families so as to make their relationship with the school a strong and satisfactory one. We generally meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 3:15pm in the school library.  If you would like to become a member of our P&C simply complete a Membership Form (PDF, 106 KB) and join us at our next meeting.